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“Smart Art” Creative Projects Agency

Агентство творческих проектов «Смарт Арт»

“Smart Art” Creative Projects Agency since 2007 provides event services for business and arts (branded hotels, restaurants, concert organizations) in St Petersburg and beyond. During its activity company has organized a wide range of special events for small companies and well-known brands. The Mission of “Smart Art” Agency is to provide implementation of cultural projects in business, to promote actual creative ideas through concerts, workshops, seminars and encourage the level of intellectual property rights with consulting and legal support.

The main areas of activity:

Organization of creative events

New names and well-known artists in actual art projects on professional venues. Support and providing of concerts, workshops and seminars.

Organization of business-events:

Organization and support of event-business activities (conferences, presentations, corporate events, annuals & hallmarks).

Sound Design:

The drafting of music content for public performance, legal support in Copyright Law.